"[Hesterman] displays a wide-ranging knowledge of production, consumption, natural resources and public policy. He also writes about reform efforts with contagious energy and palpable authority...this is an important, accessible book on a crucial subject. Food for thought and action."
New York Times |

"Hesterman's work follows a library's worth of books and movies that have questioned the wisdom of enormous corn and soybean farms, the morals of food advertising, the dangers of fast food diets, the health of confined animal feeding operations and more. But while Hesterman argues that the status quo is not working, he hopes to inspire readers to do more than plant tomatoes in their yards. He wants a food system that values 'equity, diversity, ecological integrity and economic viability....'"
Los Angeles Times |
PopMatters |

"As a food writer, I sometimes get the vibe that food journalism is viewed as recreational or entertainment-oriented, not as serious as, say, economics or politics. But food is deeply economic and political, and it represents our most fundamental relationship with the planet."
Chicago Sun-Times |

"Oran Hesterman wants your outrage. He wants you to read his new book, get mad as hell, and actually do something about it."
Philadelphia Inquirer |

"In Fair Food longtime good food pioneer Oran Hesterman shares an inspiring and practical vision for changing not only what we eat, but how food is grown, packaged, delivered, marketed, and sold."
Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment | E-Newsletter, July 2012

"There is a plethora of media about what is wrong with our food system, but this book shows well the movement from problem to practical solutions in a language easily accessible to funders."
What We're Reading | 21/64

“The only way we are going to provide a healthy environment for future generations is through redesigning the food system. Nobody has worked harder or thought more deeply about these issues than Dr. Hesterman. His book, Fair Food, is a must read.”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Founder and Chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance

"Fair Food is like a good salad bar: You can fill your plate, or have a light snack, but whatever you decide to bite off and chew, you’ll digest every morsel.  Fair food for thought indeed."
Civil Eats |

"Intended as a practical guide for community food activists who want to take the locavore movement across race, class, and city lines, this book illuminates ways in which consumers can become "engaged citizens." Especially important (and rare) is Hesterman's willingness to work constructively with corporate giants like Costco and the Kellogg Foundation.... The dedication to social justice is clear, genuine, and logically argued as a food issue. A helpful and hefty final chapter of "Resources" provides readers with a comprehensive national listing of organizations to join, support, or replicate."
Publishers Weekly |

"Fair Food is policy-centered and lists solutions: changing food procurement in institutions such as schools, hospitals and colleges; helping local food businesses get started; forming food policy councils in communities; pressuring the government to give subsidies to crops besides corn and soybeans. At the end of the book, Hesterman suggests resources for food activists, including lists of organizations that address everything from the treatment of workers to the financing of business incubators."

"This focus on the things that are working makes Fair food an inspiring and enjoyable read. There are numerous books setting out 'what's wrong' with global food production, but Hesterman - while offering a powerful summary of such issues from a north American perspective - describes initiatives across the country that are putting things right. They may be isolated cases but, in offering a model both to policymakers and to grassroots consumers, they deserve attention in the US and beyond."
The New Agriculturalist |

"Fair Food covers a lot of territory, which also means it doesn’t dive too deeply into any one subject. He touches on everything just enough to enhance the reader’s understanding, but not enough to be hard hitting on many of the topics he cares most about. And that seems to be the point. This book is not intended to serve as an encyclopedia for the food movement, but more of a practical guide for concerned citizens and budding activists. It fails to conjure up some of the emotions similarly positioned books do, but doesn’t leave you wondering “what can I do to change things?” Hesterman’s goal for Fair Food is not to shock the masses, but to mobilize them to action."
Next American City |

"Timely and inspiringly optimistic, Fair Food challenges and guides readers toward sustainability and health, for themselves and their communities."
Ode Magazine |

"Hesterman’s message represents an important evolution in the increasingly popular trend of growing and consuming healthier food. He takes nothing away from the backyard garden or the organic restaurant — change has to start somewhere.... [But] real political engagement is key. It’s the only way to realign the billions of dollars in public monies spent to prop up a food network that produces lots of cheap eats at low cost, but to damaging consequence to our diets, farmland, environment and safety."
The Jewish Daily Forward |

"The New York Times just printed a review of Fair Food in the business section. Why there? Because fresh, local, fair food is no longer a fringe concept.... [P]eople care not only about their own meals and where they come from, but are also willing to fight for others’ right to enjoy fresh, nutritious food."
Jenny Holm | Fresh |

"[Fair Food] is a resource guide for those interested in changing our current food system. Fair food is the belief in the fundamental right to healthy, fresh and sustainably grown food."
J Weekly |

“I have known Oran Hesterman for over 25 years. Oran is an important ant thoughtful voice, in Michigan and in Washington, when it comes to discussions of agriculture and food policy.”
Senator Debbie Stabenow | Chair, Senate Agriculture Committee

“Dr. Oran Hesterman has illustrated a long standing commitment to increasing the access to healthy foods for inner city residents, while also doing what he can to support our local farmers.”
Congresswoman Barbara Lee | Former Chair, Congressional Black Caucus

“Oran Hesterman convincingly argues that reinventing our food system is crucial for improving the health of our cities and our economy – policy makers are wise to spend time considering the ideas he lays out in this book.”
Governor Rick Snyder | State of Michigan

"Dr. Hesterman lays out the vision of what needs to be done to ensure access to healthy, fresh and sustainably grown food, especially in low-income communities. His work and new book are an important contribution to the public health field. We were very excited to have his perspective at the 2011 Childhood Obesity Conference."
Peggy Agron | Childhood Obesity Conference Host, California Department of Public Health

“Our food chain is broken, and never in the history of mankind has there been such a need to get back to basics . . . plain food, grown in a logical manner and delivered to everyone—rural and urban. In Fair Food, Oran Hesterman makes the case that this move is imperative and sustainable.”
Nancy L. Snyderman | MD, FACS, NBC News Chief Medical Editor

Fair Food not only chronicles the challenges our food system faces and the achievements already made but also illuminates a clear path toward a more sustainable, fair, and delicious future.”
Alice Waters | Chef, Restaurateur

“Efforts that bring new insights and inspiration to the nation’s approach to food and food systems for all – and especially for vulnerable children and families – are critical to the health and wellness of our nation. I applaud Oran Hesterman on both his new book and his lifelong dedication to improving food system policy and practice.”
Sterling Speirn | President and CEO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

“Oran Hesterman lays out an impressive – and achievable – roadmap to ensure this generation of children grows up healthy, happy, and truly well-fed.”
Angela Glover Blackwell | CEO, PolicyLink

“The body of work that Oran’s leadership and support enabled has set the stage for the possibility of food system change within our lifetime. While there are plenty of trend-followers scrambling to lay claim, Oran is more than the real deal—as is this book. ”
Michel Nischan | Chef, President/CEO, Wholesome Wave Foundation

“Oran Hesterman has been both a longtime pioneer in the movement and, at the same time, a pragmatic visionary about food systems change. Fair Food is a book that many of us have been waiting for.”
Josh Viertel | President, SlowFoodUSA

"The author's deft explanation of our current cultivation and consumption of food should have families moving away from their supermarket aisles and into farmers’ markets and community-supported agriculture programs...A thorough, inspiring guide on how to restructure the food system for a long and healthy future, for consumers and legislators alike."
Kirkus Review |

"In a very comprehensive and insightful way, Fair Food examines the problems of a broken food system, and puts forth bold – and doable – strategies to redesign a system that is healthy for people, communities, and the environment."
Policy Link Equity Blog |

"[Hesterman's] new book charts a course to a sustainable, healthy food system."
Kresge Foundation |

"Superb, important, and tremendously readable. From eating healthily to understanding the Farm Bill, this is a great book."
Nigel Savage | Executive Director, Hazon |

"[T]he book offers practical recommendations on how average consumers can participate in collective action to facilitate the changes that are needed—including questions to ask at farmers’ markets, tools for starting advocacy campaigns, advice for clubs that purchase food directly from farmers and fishermen, and legislation to support at the local, state, and federal levels."
Matt Styslinger | Post Carbon Institute Energy Bulletin |

"[A] New Book to Inspire a Redesigned, Fair Food System...the book offers practical recommendations on how average consumers can participate in collective action to facilitate the changes that are needed..."
Worldwatch Institute's "Nourishing the Planet" |

"Fair Food presents an accessible blueprint for sustainable living and invites even the least eco-curious person to join this food revolution."
Marcus Samuelsson |

Fair Food makes the Eco-Libris list of "10 best ebooks on sustainable food."
Eco-Libris |

"Hesterman is president of the Fair Food Network and an expert on how to build a healthier, more sustainable food system. His book is a survey of current agricultural and food processing and consumption practices and offers solutions for how farmers markets and other healthy practices can transform the economy and create a population that eats better and lives longer."
The Oregonian |

"Hesterman's Fair Food is an encyclopedia of interesting projects being done around the nation to try to fix our broken food system, and not just for the rich and powerful. ...Hesterman's book is a call to action--a practical guide for what to do if you care about good food for all, not just for those who can afford it."
Megan Cottrell | The Chicago Reporter |

"Fair Food is a serious book about a serious subject. It offers ideas for local communities, as well as suggestions for local, state and national policy makers (I hope members of the Legislature read this book!) It should add immeasurably to the national conversation about fixing our food - and world! - for the better."
Jim Ewing | The Clarion-Ledger |

"Truly a “How-to Guide” for changing the way our food is grown and distributed, Fair Food sheds light on the often hidden food disparities in America, while also giving solutions to recreating the system."
New York House |

"With an emphasis on community, Hesterman puts into writing what our celebrity chef culture commonly puts on television but breaks it down for the everyman. Ordinary people, who are not farmers or foodies, will feel empowered after reading this book."
Edible Buffalo | Summer 2011

"In recent years, there have been dozens of books and films documenting the dangers and problems in our current food system but Fair Food is one of the ones that is truly exceptional. This excellent book is an enlightening and inspiring plan to change not only what we eat but how our food is grown, packaged, delivered, and sold."
The Tucson Citizen |

"Oran Hesterman believes our food system is broken. He said he believes that it is in desperate need of redesign. He said he believes many Americans are unaware of their part in this broken food system. The good news? He said he believes we can fix the system."
Santa Cruz Sentinel |

"Hesterman's upbeat outlook and gentle push toward activism inspired me to further my own engagement. His book is one of the best I've read on how we as individuals can be involved in the future of America's food system."
Leah Douglas | Serious Eats |

"I will now begin to read...Fair Food, and I hope he is right and we are nearing a tipping point. I hope leaders and eaters alike will soon come to the conclusion that we must also act like a little bird and eat the foods that are native to us. Birds in nature do not eat highly processed foods and genetically engineered crops. Neither should we. It seems so simple to me: a bird should be able to come and go from East to West and man should eat food, natural food. To me, it’s as simple as a little bird.
Grant Kessler | My Foodshed |

"I’ve started cutting back on processed food, cooking from scratch, and eating local or organic food almost exclusively. I’m extraordinarily lucky to be able to do that. But even as I’ve changed my personal habits, I’ve struggled with the knowledge that not everyone can make these kinds of changes. In Fair Food, Oran Hesterman takes the problems with our food production and distribution system and looks at ways to improve it for everyone, not just those with the financial and geographic advantages that I have."
Shelf Love |

“[A] book of action. An informative and motivating read, Hesterman picks up where Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser left off [and] takes their solid groundwork to the next step.”
Lexi Van de Walle | Lighthearted Locavore |

"The book tour is being organized more like a rally for the Food Movement to advance its agenda and galvanize support.  And it worked."
Derek Denckla | The Greenest |

"The most promising book I have read on scaling up the local food movement is Oran B. Hesterman’s Fair Food: Growing A Healthy, Sustainable Food System For All."
Peter Mann | Director Emeritus of WhyHunger’s Global Movements Program |

"[Hesterman is] a warrior in the fight to change lives by changing the way people eat."
Leah Garchik | SF Gate |

"Hesterman doesn’t just point out the problems with the current world food system, he points out in stark and blunt, yet realistic, terms what needs to be done to create a sustainable food system."
Brett Callwood | Red Thread Magazine |

"This topic could have left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless. The challenges are real and they are huge. The time to deal with them is shrinking and the cost of not acting effectively is growing. It is a difficult task, yet Hesterman gave me hope, focus and energy to continue to eat local and do more."
Paula Bartholome | Edible Michiana |

"[Fair Food] offers a practical guide to how you can participate in collective action to precipitate big changes in our food system, from your kitchen to your community to your state house and the White House."
Bookshelf | National Foundation to End Senior Hunger |